Celebrating 25 Years of Meaningful Existence


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This February 2023, Centre for Budget and Policy Studies completed its 25 Years of Meaningful Existence. Through the years, we have made significant contributions to policy discourse in the areas of Education, Public Finance and Governance, Gender, Health & Nutrition. #CBPS25Years

Institutions and Public Policy: CBPS 25th Anniversary Celebrations
March 16-17, 2023, Bangalore
(Venue: National Institute of Advanced Studies – NIAS auditorium and conference hall, Bangalore)

The Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Bangalore completed its 25th year in February 2023. To mark this occasion, we hosted a two-day conference which focussed on the central role and relationship between institutions and public policy. There was an opening plenary session and a closing plenary session where eminent speakers deliberated on a host of related issues.

The objective of the conference was to explore the relationship between institutions and public policy, especially in relation to the following themes:

  1. Independent institutions and policy discourse
  2. Public space and gender violence
  3. Education as a public good
  4. Public finance and governance, including but not limited to:
    a. Public expenditure, fiscal policy, processes and structure of public finance
    b. Urban and rural governance, decentralization, and democratic processes
  5. Health and social security, including, but not limited to:
    a. Nutrition, healthcare, and public health
    b. Livelihoods, income security, poverty, and migration.


A call was sent out to a wide-ranging number of institutions and organisations inviting young scholars (researchers, practitioners and policymakers below 40 years) to submit an abstract. After the review process, the papers were presented at the conference. The research team at CBPS also presented at least one paper each based on their research in each of the four themes.


The Public Lecture which was delivered on 16th of March 2023 by Prof. Vinod Vyasulu titled, ‘Institutions and Public Policy: Reflections on CBPS@25‘ can be viewed here.



  1. Aruna Roy I Inaugural Keynote Speech: Independent Institutions and the Indian Democracy
  2. Jyotsna Jha I Setting the Context: Introducing CBPS and Introducing the Conference
  3. Building & Sustaining Independent Institutions: A Discussion among Institution Builders
  4. Shantha Sinha I Chief Guest’s Remarks: Social Movements as Sites of Contestations
  5. Sarojini G Thakur I Understanding gender, policy and public space using ‘Public Lenses’
  6. Gender and Public Spaces I Young Scholars Presentations
  7. Avani Kapur I Public Finance: Going Beyond Numbers – State Capacity and Processes
  8. Public Finance: Young Scholars’ Presentations
  9. Public Lecture | Institutions and Public Policy: Reflections on CBPS@25
  10. K Srinath Reddy I Public Health, Policies and Right to Health
  11. Health and Social Security I Young Scholars’ Presentations
  12. Rohit Dhankar I Education as a Public Good: Key to Sustainable Democratic Society
  13. Education as a Public Good: Young Scholars’ Presentations
  14. Role of Independent Institutions in Public Discourse and Delivery – A Panel Discussion
  15. Ashwani Saith I Closing Keynote Speech: Independent Institutions and Public Policy

A few videos capturing some of the key highlights of CBPS@25 were also produced and can be viewed here:

  1. Our Story at 25
  2. CBPS@25 I A Journey in 25 Images
  3. CBPS@25 | Behind the Scenes

CBPS Research Fellowship

This year marks the beginning of our one-year CBPS Research Fellowship where we have identified five budding researchers for mentoring. The Fellowship will help scholars to develop research skills in the areas of Education, Gender, Governance, Health & Nutrition, Public finance, Livelihoods and Social Security.