National Study on Working Conditions of Teachers: Karnataka and Jharkhand Completed

Area(s) of work: Education

Duration: Feb 2014 – Aug 2014

Status: Completed

Funder/Partner: National University for Education Planning and Administration (NUEPA)

CBPS has been commissioned by NUEPA to participate in their 9-State National Study on Working Conditions of Teachers. The research study documents and analyses the recruitment and deployment policies and practice, salary and working conditions (transfer, postings, professional growth and development) of all categories of teachers (regular and contract teachers) working in the government schools at two levels: elementary and secondary. CBPS has conducted this study in two of the sample states, namely, Karnataka and Jharkhand.

The National Synthesis Report for the 9 state study is available here.

Presentation: Major findings of the study was presented at our Annual Seminar 2014 and is available here.