Analysis on Devolution of Funds to Panchayats under 14th CFC and 4th SFC and their Impact on Outcomes for Social Sector with reference to Women and Children in Odisha Completed

Duration: July 2017 to August 2018

Funder/ Partner: UNICEF Odisha

Under the 14th Central Finance Commission, Odisha would get basic grants to rural local bodies of Rs. 7,965.28 crores across five years period during 2015-2020. In addition to the basic grants, Odisha will get Rs. 885.03 as performance grant to rural local bodies during 2016-2020 for the rural local bodies. Gram panchayats have to prepare plans to utilise these funds and the Department of Panchayati Raj has issued operational guidelines on the preparation of GP plans; named as Gram Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP). The Ministry had also supported state governments in developing guidelines for preparation of the GPDP. It is envisaged that these plans, funded by the CFC and SFC funds would help GPs to address issues of women and children as well as various related aspects like poverty, health, education, nutrition, water and sanitation etc.

The objectives of the study are to understand:
a. How and whether the devolution of funds under 14th CFC and FSFC has impacted prioritisation for social sector with focus poverty, health, education, nutrition, water and sanitation, etc. on the one hand and on women and children on the other.
b. Whether adequate and proper implementation and monitoring mechanisms are in place at panchayat, sub-district, district and state levels to achieve better outcomes of social sector expenditure incurred out of funds devolved by Fourteenth CFC and FSFC.