Promoting Inclusive Governance in Karnataka through Budget work Completed

Duration: Oct 2014 – Sep 2018

Status: Completed

Funder/ Partner: National Foundation of India

The budget works in the project include:

  • Pre-budget consultation with a charter of demands presented to the State Government- This is based on budget analysis and consultations with the CSOs working on the issues of children.
  • Facilitating a participatory budget making in a municipality and documenting the process- interaction with municipality to ensure the participatory budget making.
  • Analysis of budget transparency standards at State and sub state level: Comparison of standards of budget transparency with that of the State and sub state level.
  • Public expenditure tracking  a social sector spending (TB disease) involves the tracking of expenditure up to lowest level using budget as a tool
  • Training a budget intern: to train an intern in understanding the budgets and conducting budget analysis