CBPS organised a RMSA-NSQF Stakeholder Meeting held on June 28, 2019 at Radisson Blu Atria, Bengaluru

Concluding the project titled, Critical Sociological Analysis of Skills Development Initiative in India, CBPS conducted a one day workshop with all the major stakeholders of the Vocational Secondary and Higher Secondary Education scheme (VSHSE) on 28 June 2019.The objective of the workshop was to bring all the key stakeholders on a common platform to discuss and debate about the VSHSE scheme especially from the children’s perspective and secondly, to share our research findings and solicit their feedback on the same.

Twelve students and six skills trainers from six different schools and representing all the four NSQF levels within secondary schooling and five skills sectors (Automobile, Healthcare, IT, Beauty Wellness and Retail) participated in the workshop. Along with them, representatives from three Vocational Training Partners (Labournet, Ants and DB Tech) and four government representatives from the office of the Deputy Director of Public Instruction also participated in this workshop.