CBPS team made two presentations at the XII International Conference on Public Policy and Management, IIMB

The CBPS team made two presentations at the XII International Conference on Public Policy and Management, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore on 9 August 2017. Both these presentations were a part of the track on the Role of Technology in Enabling Educational Inclusion.

The first presentation made by Neha Ghatak highlighted the beneficial aspects of technology in enabling inclusion firstly, in the case of teachers transfers and secondly, in the case of   an educational radio program for children in government schools.  The presentation was based findings on two studies undertaken by CBPS titled Enhancing Quality through Technology Based Solutions: A Study of Radio and Audio Modes of Intervention in Elementary Schools of Karnataka and  National Study on Working Conditions of Teachers: Karnataka and Jharkhand.

The second presentation highlighted the opposite cases in which technology  acts  as a barrier towards greater inclusion, both in the case of online RTE admissions  and  also in the case of open and distance education at the secondary and senior secondary levels.  The presentation drew on two studies: Open and Distance Learning as a Cost-effective Option for Secondary Level Schooling in India: Potential and Prerequisites  and A Study of the Quality of Acceptance of Disadvantaged Children Admitted Under RTE Act 12(c) of the Act by Private Unaided Schools .

Both presentations delved into contexts and situations in which technology can either enable or act as barrier to greater inclusion within the education sector and were well received.