Nandana Reddy will be speaking at the CBPS Annual Endowment Lecture on Gender and Development in memory of Dr. Poornima Vyasulu

As you are aware, every year Centre for Budget and Policy Studies, Bangalore organises an Annual Endowment Lecture on Gender and Development in memory of Dr. Poornima Vyasulu on the occasion of her birthday on 13th May. 

This year, Nandana Reddy, Co-Founder, The Concerned For Working Children will be speaking on ‘Crisis of Democracy in India: the Impact on Development and Gender’. She is a trade unionist and political and civil liberties activist is deeply involved with the informal, unorganised sector for the past 45 years. Her campaign against Indira Gandhi after the emergency constituted her debut in politics. She is one of the founder members of the PUCL. In the 70’s she founded the Concerned for Working Children (CWC), an organization who strongly advocates for children’s rights enabling children to organise themselves to exercised their agency and protect their rights.

It will be held on 5th May 2017 at 6.00 p.m. at the Indian Institute of World Culture in Basavangudi, Bangalore