Siddarth, Mithila, Apurva and Rajesh participated in Cantor’s World – Game session on 3 October 2018

Siddarth Sriram, Mithila Abraham Sarah, Apurva K H and Rajesh C S participated in Cantor’s World – Game session on 3 October 2018 at the office of Fields of View, Bangalore.

Cantor’s World is a game about understanding sustainable decision making in a world of indices of economic performance measures – Gross Domestic Product, Human Development Index, and the importance of the more recent Inclusive Wealth Index (IWI). It provides a scenario where a policymaker, faced with choices of policy mix for a particular year can optimally make choices in ways where investments in development and sustainable growth are shared and made. The player can then observe, based on his/her policy mix of the previous year, their commitment to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the growth of all the economic indices including the IWI.

The session began with an introduction of all the players who had come in for the session, and this included teaching professionals and researchers from various other think-tanks. Post an introduction to the game and game play for an hour, there was a brief discussion where the players shared their experience and provided feedback on various aspects of the gaming experience, understanding how Fields of View had designed the nuances of the game so that it will be a learning experience for all – and that is how it ended up to be – a good workout of understanding various indices and the need for sustainable growth, and an experience to sit in the hot seat of a policy maker to see your country progress through your decisions.