Education Related Project Reports

Request for a chapter on Teachers in India for Springer Volume

Assessing the effect of one-to-one youth mentoring programme of high-risk adolescents

Tool to Measure Non-Cognitive Aspects of School Readiness

Public Finance for Children (PF4C) across 16 Indian States

Public Expenditure on Secondary Education in Tamil Nadu - A critical analysis of size, sources, priorities, flow, processes and management

Costing of all child-centered investments by DWCD to achieve relevant targets of vision 2025 by Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Telangana

Centering children in the development debate in India: public action for early start, fair start, and fitting start

Quality and Systemic Functioning in Secondary Education in India: A study in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan

Examining the contexts, practices and costs of Early Childhood Care and Education in India: Responsive models for child development

A Critical Sociological Analysis of the Skills Development Initiative in India

Research Studies on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

Scoping Study for Starting Interventions in Karnataka for Room to Read

Skills Development, Social Mobility and Educational Change: A Sociological Analysis of the Effects of the National Policy on Skills Development in India

Study on the Current Situation of Boys and their Engagement with Learning in the Commonwealth

Review of Newly Introduced Online Process for Admissions under Right to Education Act, Section 12 (1)(c) in Private Unaided Schools in Karnataka

Study to Review Status of Education in Tribal Areas in Maharashtra

A Study on the Impact of Training on SMC members and Functioning of the SMC: Evidence from Jharkhand

A Feasibility and Validation Study of the Kalikayatna Initiative

Higher Education Review and Career Trajectory of Open Distance Learning Students

Residential Schooling Strategies: Impact on Girl’s Education and Empowerment

National Study on Working Conditions of Teachers: Karnataka and Jharkhand

A Study on Community Engagement with Schools in Five States

A Study of the Quality of Acceptance of Disadvantaged Children Admitted Under RTE Act 12(c) of the Act by Private Unaided Schools

Evaluation of the Educational Leadership Development Programme (ELDP)

Estimation of Financial and Governance Challenges for Karnataka with the implementation of Right to Education 2009

Study on Teacher Motivation and Incentives in Bihar

Enhancing Quality through Technology Based Solutions: A Study of Radio and Audio Modes of Intervention in Elementary Schools of Karnataka