Education has been one of the prime areas for studies at CBPS. Some of the earlier studies reviewed State Rules drafted for the RTE Act as well as financial and governance challenges for its implementation across different states. Impact of audio-video tools for teaching, quality of acceptance of children admitted under the RTE Act 25% reservation criteria, public expenditure analysis, teacher motivation aspects, review of the working conditions of teachers and community engagement in schools are some of the other studies that were conducted. Currently, CBPS is working on reviewing Open and Distance Secondary Education as a strategy for achieving universalisation of education as well as trying to understand the employment and higher education opportunities for those undergoing distance education through National Institute of Open Schooling and State Open Schools. Another study is analysing the status of education in tribal districts of Maharashtra, primarily through academic and school assessments. The process of online application under RTE Act 25% reservation is also being reviewed in Karnataka.


  • 08 Nov
    Duration: May - July 2012 Status: Completed Funder/ Partner: CARE (India) The study analysed the financial and governance challenges for implementing Right to Education Act 2009 in the state of Odisha. Using the method of estimation,the overall fund requirements for implementation of RTE was calculated. Working Paper: Two working papers were developed based on our studies related to R...
  • 08 Sep
    Duration: September - December 2012 Status: Completed Funder/ Partner: CBPS An evaluative study on XSEED, a programme pitched and marketed by iDiscoveri as a comprehensive curriculum strategy to improve the quality of teaching and learning in every classroom in India. Phase I is a desk review of their teaching-learning materials and development of tools to measure learning outcomes for s...
  • 19 Mar
    Duration: 2011-12 Funder/ Partner: Global Development Network This study looked at present day allocations, expenditure and institutional mechanisms in the elementary education system in Karnataka, the study estimated the fund requirements and the governance challenges that the state faces to deliver with the implementation of the Right to Education Act 2009. Working Paper: Two working p...
  • 08 Nov
    Duration: 2011 Status: Completed Funder/ Partner: USAID The study aimed at providing with information on accountability and motivation at various levels of the teacher education value-chain in Bihar. It also aimed to suggest practical and logistically feasible systemic improvements that could result in accountable and motivated teachers in the schools in a large school system such as Biha...
  • 08 Nov
    Duration: 2010-12 Status: Complete Funder/ Partner: Global Development Network (GDN) A study on “Enhancing Quality through Technology Based Solutions: A Study of Radio and Audio Modes of Intervention in Elementary Schools of Karnataka” is presented here in this film. This study was a part of a 15 country project titled ‘Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accoun...
  • 08 Nov
    Duration: 2009-10 Status: Completed Funder/ Partner: Global Development Network This study looked into various aspects of the new Act, to analyse the roles and responsibilities of all the stakeholders under the light of new norms as prescribed by the new Act.  
  • 08 Jan
    Duration: January-November 2007 Status: Completed Funder/ Partner: Brookings Institution This study focuses on tracking the expenditure on health and education by local governments in Karnataka. The study also analysed the views of people at the offices (elected representatives and officers) to elicit their views and issues related to utilization of funds in the Health and Education secto...