Costing of all child-centered investments by DWCD to achieve relevant targets of vision 2025 by Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Telangana Completed

Duration: July 2018 to September 2020

Status: Completed

Funder/Partner: UNICEF, New Delhi

The Government of Telangana is in the process of developing Vision 2025. The vision document will be a larger document aligned to SDGs. WCD Telangana is working on Goals 2 & 5. Hence, these are likely to be mostly though not necessarily linked to Nutrition & Child Protection. The proposed costing analysis will carry out resource allocation trend analysis from 2014-15 (since bifurcation, as the assumption is that the budget allocation of Nutrition increased substantially after 2015) followed by an estimation of the ideal financial allocation/costing (goal wise for goal 2 & 5) to reach the planned vision by 2025. This estimation will take into account the annual projections for population, rate of change in nutrition status and other relevant indicators.