Empowerment based Mentoring Model for Adolescent Girls: Action Research in Bihar Completed

Area(s) of work: Education, Gender

Duration: April 2018 – March 2022

Status: Completed

Funder/ Partner: Malala Fund

To demonstrate the impact of an empowerment-based mentoring model for adolescent girls. The mentoring model will develop leadership skills, allow girls to develop critical thinking skills, examining and changing their perception of themselves and their aspirations, and enable actions related to themselves, their families and their communities. The model then can be used as a policy advocacy tool to ensure the integration of the model in regular school curricular and pedagogical approaches.

The standee for the project can be viewed here.

Action Research for Building Resilient School Systems – Resources

This contains all the resources developed during the course Bihar Mentorship Project. This was a school-based Action Research project operational in Bihar where we initially implemented in-school modules and later responded to school closures during Covid19 by sending regular learning-postcards to children. These resources include a variety of outputs such as a Toolkit on building resilient school-systems for education in emergency, Teaching Learning Materials like our postcards, all our research reports and a documentary.

In order to keep this space dynamic, we will keep updating this from time-to-time with the latest and relevant resources. If you have any suggestions for resources that can be added to this space, please write to us at director@cbps.in.


1. Documentary 

2. Building resilient school systems for comprehensive response to education in emergencies – A Comprehensive Toolkit

3. Bihar Mentorship Project Impact Evaluation Reports

– Baseline Summary

– Endline Report

4. The Wire published an article titled, ‘What a Survey of Children in Bihar Revealed About Online Schooling’ written by Dr. Jyotsna Jha and Ms. Neha Ghatak. It was published on 25 May 2020.

5. Impact of Covid19 on Education and Lives of Marginalised Children – 5-State Study

6. The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic and Economic Distress on Education: A View from the Margins

7. Learning through Letters – Postcards – Complete Pack

8. A presentation based on our Covid-response intervention – Learning Through Letters

9. Curriculum Linkages Report

10. Bihar Mentorship Project – In-Class Module

11. Teacher’s Workshop Reports

12. Review of Policy Documents related to the Covid-19 pandemic:

CBPS on behalf of the Malala Fund Champions Network conducted a detailed review of all the government circulars and notifications related to COVID-19 from – 1) Central Government of India 2) Uttar Pradesh 3) Bihar and 4) Assam. The review was conducted from the perspective of rights and entitlements for children along with covid safety protocols for safe school re-opening.
The short note is a brief analysis of the significant points that emerged from the review.


13. Paper
Neha Ghatak, Niveditha Menon and Jyotsna Jha have written a paper titled, ‘Developing Mentoring Approaches for Transformative Education: Context and Challenges‘ in a publication titled, ‘Transformative Education: Meanings and Policy Implications‘. This has been published by the Global Campaign for Education. It has been edited by Vernor Muñoz Villalobos and Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia. The paper looks at the challenges and issues of implementing a mentoring approach for transformation education in Bihar, India. It can be viewed here.