Review of Newly Introduced Online Process for Admissions under Right to Education Act, Section 12 (1)(c) in Private Unaided Schools in Karnataka Completed

Area(s) of work: Education

Duration: Jun 2015 – Jun 2016

Status: Completed

Funder/ Partner: NUEPA, New Delhi (through Grants-in-Aid by MHRD)

This review attempts to analyse the newly introduced online process for admissions under RTE 12(1)(c) in Bangalore to understand the process and its gaps, learnings for the Department and experiences of cluster/block/district/state level officials, parents and school administrations.



Jyotsna Jha and Puja Minni’s paper titled, ‘Bridging Old Gaps, Building New Barriers: A Study of Online Admissions under the Right to Education Act in Bangalore Urban Private Unaided Schools’ has been published by Max Weber Stiftung in their Education & the Urban in India, Working Paper Series. To view the paper on their website please visit here.