Strengthening Decentralized Educational Planning through STARS On Going

Area(s) of work: Education

Duration: 2023 – 2024

Status: On Going

Funder/Partner: The World Bank

The STARS program supports reforms to improve the quality and governance of school education through strengthening early years education, learning assessment systems, teacher performance and classroom practice, school-to-work transitions, and governance and decentralized management for improved service delivery. Strengthening decentralized planning and management is one of the key components under the program which also aids realization of the objectives under the STARS program.

The project on ‘strengthening decentralized educational planning’ is being undertaken by CBPS with funding support from the World Bank In order to enhance institutional capacities for decentralized planning for education. As part of this project, CBPS will facilitate deepening the understanding and institutional capacities for decentralized and responsive educational planning. This project aims to facilitate decentralised participatory planning for education specific initiatives across the six STARS states (Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha and Rajasthan).

The project aims to build capacities of state and district level education officials so that they develop knowledge, skills, and aptitude for decentralised education planning. Planning and appraisal are two critical aspects of the entire planning cycle. The project tries to influence these two aspects through a) the development of a planning manual on contextual education planning at a decentralised level that can serve as a ready reckoner and b) the development of an appraisal manual and building capacities for appraisal of education plans at a later stage. The larger idea is to facilitate the application of this knowledge to the development of the STARS Annual Work Plan & Budget, enhancing the state’s capability to improve service delivery through capacity building workshops on the process of decentralized planning and customise hyperlocal solutions for effective decentralised planning and management of education.