Institutional study for identifying potential pathways for furthering the interests of children at Gram Panchayat level (towards making a child friendly Gram Panchayat) Completed

Duration: August 2019 – June 2020

Funder/ Partner: UNICEF, Hyderabad Office

This study analyses the Beacon (well-performing) Gram Panchayats (GP) and other institutions (Anganwadi centre, VHSNC, SDMC and Bal Vikas Samithi) at GP level for its functioning in relation to their statutory responsibilities across different divisions of Karnataka state. This will help in identifying the ways in which the beacon GPs have traversed the path to deliver better for the welfare of the children. The study will identify the steps followed by the GPs and GP level institutions in the process of achieving better prospects for the children. This will also help in scaling up of these practices to achieve the effects on a larger scale.

This will also help the other GPs in better use of their funds, budgets and provisions to further the interests of the children in their own unique ways to suit the requirements in their area. The study will identify the underpinnings of the successful efforts including the performance of the key institutions such as AWC, VHSNC, SDMC and Bal Vikas Samithi at the GP level.