An Analysis of Delhi Police Budgets and its Implications for Women Citizens Completed

Duration: Aug 2014 – Aug 2015

Status: Completed

Funder/ Partner: Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI)

CBPS is conducting a study of the budgets of the Delhi Police over a three-year span. This is intended as a micro-study of the police budgeting process, with a particular focus on linkages with the police response to crimes against women. The scope of the work under this study is:

  1. To conduct a component analysis of the budget allocations to and expenditures of Delhi Police over a period of three years
  2. To map the process of planning, budgeting, approval, allocation and fund flow as practiced and experienced by Delhi Police
  3. To conduct a district level analysis of budgets to examine the link between spending and crime rates, especially for crime against women
  4. To analyse the resource mobilisation in hot spot areas (district) for crimes against women
  5.  To provide a plan for advocacy and dissemination taking various kinds of stakeholders into account
  6. To document the process of data collection and analyse the data availability and accessibility from the perspective of transparency and accountability norms.


Presentation: Major findings of the study were presented at our Annual Seminar 2015 and is available here.