Outcome Assessment of Mathrupoorna, Srusti Scheme (Egg supply Scheme) and Ksheera Bhagya Schemes in Karnataka Completed

Duration: July 2018 to March 2019

Funder/Partner: UNICEF, New Delhi

Karnataka state has recently launched the Mathrupoorna scheme, during 2017 to provide one hot cooked meal to pregnant women and lactating mothers instead of the Take Home Rations that were provided to them. The food is being provided at the Anganwadi Centres in the entire state. About 12 lakh beneficiaries (both pregnant women and lactating mothers) are benefited by this scheme. Each meal is expected to cover about 45% of the calorie and nutritional requirements of the beneficiaries and costs about Rs 20 for the exchequer. Karnataka state started the scheme of providing eggs to the identified malnourished children of 5 districts of north Karnataka in 2014. Later on it was extended to all SC/ST children during January 2017. Later during 2017-18 the scheme was extended to all the anganwadi children (3-6 age groups) for 6 days of a week. Those children who do not consume eggs were allowed to get banana or any seasonal fruit. The milk supply scheme is of about 5 years old while the egg supply scheme and Mathrupoorna scheme are about to complete a year. The study will analyse these three schemes, i.e. Ksheera Bhagya, Srusti Scheme (Egg Supply Scheme) and Mathrupoorna for its assessable impacts on the field.