Public Finance for Nutrition to reach the Vision 2025 targets in Karnataka Completed

Duration: July 2018 to September 2020

Status: Completed

Funder/Partner: UNICEF India

The Nava Karnataka Vision 2025 released in March 2018 speaks of improving the access to medical services, safe drinking water and improved sanitary conditions. The vision document also points out the behavioural development communication for improved behaviours among the stakeholders towards their health and nutrition intake as an important step to improve nutritional levels apart from improving the livelihoods safety network to improve the purchasing power. The exercise is to look into the detailed expenditure across schemes and districts of the state. This will also be correlated with the child development indicators (NFHS 4, DHDR 2014 and other relevant data) to understand the targeting of the nutrition expenditure. A framework on financing for nutrition will be evolved after completing a detailed policy and expenditure analysis.