Dr. Jyotsna Jha’s ‘Evolution of an Independent Research Institution: A Reflective Analysis’ published in the Journal of Development Policy and Practice

As CBPS completes 25 years, former Director Dr. Jyotsna Jha reflects on her 13 years of leadership at CBPS in an article titled ‘Evolution of an Independent Research Institution: A Reflective Analysis’.

What makes the article interesting is the way in which her own experiences, intertwined with theories of institutionalisation, provides a unique insight into the evolution of CBPS. She states, “while this is the story of an organisation, it is also my story….- a journey where my vantage point as the head of the organisation also provides a unique opportunity to critically examine my own actions from the perspective of the institution.”

The article, through the analysis of CBPS’ history illustrates the way institutionalisation influences an organisation’s ability to adapt to internal and external needs, while adhering to its vision. From her experience, she also opines that plurality in multiple realms is the most important principle that enriches the process of institutionalisation.

The article can be viewed here.