Madhusudhan B V Rao interviewed by News9 on Karnataka’s financial status

Madhusudhan B V Rao was interviewed by News9 on the 27th of October 2023 regarding Karnataka’s financial health. He spoke about Karnataka’s growth in own tax revenue and the government’s adeptness at managing finances, together with likely increase in the tax share, would pave the way for options for development through increased expenditure. He noted that borrowings have been less and GSDP has grown resulting in providing much required elbow room for the Finance Minister to work with. Mr. Rao stated that a clear picture of the outcomes of the five guarantees is likely to be available to the government by January. He also said that CM who is also FM is keeping the purse tight so that it can be optimised at the right time especially with general elections round the corner.

It was live streamed on YouTube and the link can be viewed here