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The Cost effectiveness of the radio programs in primary schools of Karnataka

The cost effectiveness of the Radio Programs in Karnataka Centre for Budget and Policy Studies recently took the study namely Cost effectiveness of the Radio Programs in in the state of Karnataka. This blog has been written from experiences the author had while conducting the impact evaluations of the Radio programs in 20 schools of Karnataka. Radio Programs (Interactive Radio… Read more »

From the villages

Hello every one!!! Just thought of penning down a few thoughts of my professional work as it is one such issue that binds us all….well my organization is working on the key issue of strengthening the decentralization process in the India. As all of us are aware that the 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments provided the constitutional mandate towards the… Read more »

The Incentive Mechanisms of the Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojana (RSBY) – are they geared for service delivery? The Case of Karnataka

This article was written after the Center for Budget and Policy Studies completed a household Survey in the district of Shimoga in Karnataka in November 2010. The team has been interacting with various stakeholders – the department of labour, the insurance company, the district officers, hospital administrators and the beneficiaries of the scheme over the last 6 months. The Rashtriya… Read more »

The Tagore Circle Underpass – Another Bengalurean Tragedy

The citizens of Bengaluru have been blessed by the gods. They get to show the world how to survive and smile in spite of a flawed democracy that finds many ways to harass them. There is no innovation in the ways of harassment. It is just more of the same piled on and on. The Tagore Circle Underpass [TCU] is… Read more »

The Elephant in the Insurance Controversy Room

I have been witness to many instances where hospitals overcharge as soon as they know you hold an insurance policy. A friend of mine was charged around Rs 250/- for a simple Out Patient Discharge because she happened to mention she had insurance. If she hadn’t, it could have cost more than Rs 100/- for the same. Similarly, another friend… Read more »

Ensuring Women’s Representation in Parliament and State Legislatures

The proposal to reserve one-third of the seats in Parliament and the state Assemblies for women has passed in the Rajya Sabha, but has stalled in the Lok Sabha. The opponents of the Bill want ‘quotas within quotas’. But this is a polite way of opposing the Bill. The men are worried about having a smaller number of seats to… Read more »