CBPS Working Papers

CBPS is hosting a series of working papers (titled CBPS Working Papers) on various topics including women’s empowerment, education, health, governance, and budgets. These working papers are primarily aimed at providing insight into the various facets of these domain areas. The working paper series will, therefore, include reflection pieces, pre-publication papers, summation of research reports, concept papers, reviews, discussion papers on relevant topics, and policy briefs. While these working papers have been reviewed internally by the CBPS staff, they have yet not been reviewed by subject experts.

Additionally, we expect that some of these working papers are evolving documents, with the most current version being posted here. Unless otherwise stated on the cover page, please do cite the work as follows: Author (last name, first name), year of publication, title, version# and month, CBPS Working Paper (year and serial number), url (last accessed on). Please note that the views expressed in the working paper series are those of the authors and not necessarily those of CBPS.

We invite debate and discussion. So, please send comments and questions (along with your email address) at director@cbps.in and we will share it with the corresponding author so that they may be able to respond to the comments and questions directly or in the comments sections.

The following are the list of the CBPS Working Paper Series:


CBPS Working Papers 2020

Mahila Samakhya: A Reflection – A programme with a difference
Vrinda Sarup
August 2020
Research Paper
CBPS WP 2020/03

Uneasy tenants in the Master’s house: Reflections on Mahila Samakhya
Kalyani Menon-Sen
February 2018
Research Paper
CBPS WP 2020/02

Teachers and Teaching Profession in South Asia
Jyotsna Jha, Puja Minni and Manzoor Ahmed
January 2020
Working Paper
CBPS WP 2020/01


CBPS Working Papers 2019

Benefit Incidence of Public Expenditure in Health: a study of Karnataka
Varun Sharma
Working Paper
February 2013
CBPS WP 2019/05

Implementing the Right to Education Act 2009: The Real Challenges (Based on a study on Financial and Governance Challenges in Karnataka and Odisha)
Jyotsna Jha, Neha Ghatak, Shreekanth Mahendiran and Shubhashansha Bakshi
Discussion Paper
February 2013
CBPS WP 2019/04

Challenges in Implementing the Right to Education: The Karnataka Case
Jyotsna Jha, Neha Ghatak, Sandhya Chandrashekaran, Shreekanth Mahendiran, Puja Minni, Shubhashansha Bakshi, Manasa Gade and Thyagrajan R
October 2013
CBPS WP 2019/03

What is Gender Budgeting: An illustration though the analysis of two Health-related schemes in Karnataka (Thayi Bhagya and Vajpayee Arogyashree Yojna)
Jyotsna Jha and Varun Sharma
October 2014
Working Paper
CBPS WP 2019/02

Researchers as Policy Activists: An Experience-Based Framework for Responsive Policy Engagement
Jyotsna Jha
June 2018
Working Paper
CBPS WP 2019/01