Gender Related Reports

Outcome Assessment of Mathrupoorna, Srusti Scheme (Egg supply Scheme) and Ksheera Bhagya Schemes in Karnataka

Process Review of the Bhagyalakshmi (BL) Scheme in Karnataka

Stree Shakti Scheme – Analysis of Secondary Data and development of a proposal for field based evaluation

Ethnographic Study of Hot Cooked Meal Pilot for Pregnant and Lactating mothers

Bhagya Lakshmi Scheme – Analysis of Secondary Data

Study on the Current Situation of Boys and their Engagement with Learning in the Commonwealth

Reducing Child Marriage in India: A Model to Scale Up Results

Together We Can: Assessing the Impact of Women’s Action Groups on Social Change in India

Informing Social Protection Norms and Policies for Women and Children in Karnataka

Residential Schooling Strategies: Impact on Girl’s Education and Empowerment

Emerging Employment Opportunities and Women’s Experiences of Empowerment and Violence

Study on the Impact of Women GP Adhyakshas on Delivery of Services and Democratic Process

Reproductive Child Health (RCH) and Budgets in Karnataka