Preparation of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Report for the State of Karnataka Completed

Duration: May 2015 – August 2015

Funder/ Partner: UNICEF Hyderabad Office

Karnataka State MDG Report: India’s progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has steadily improved in the last fifteen years. The latest National Report on MDGs shows that India has successfully halved the number of people below poverty line and achieved universal primary education and progressing towards the same in secondary and tertiary education. The Under-five Mortality Rates (U5MR) and incidences of maternal death have also reduced especially in the recent years due to the NRHM, although MDG targets for these have not yet been met. These goals offer a yardstick to measure India’s progress in achieving all round development. But these measures make more sense at the level of states where the real implementation of the programmes takes place. The Karnataka State Report on the MDG, will give us the measure of the indicators at state level helping us focus on goals that matter most for the state in preparation of adoption of the sustainable goals by the UN Assembly later this year.